Tuesday, December 21, 2010

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Hubbies and Hobbies

Photography had been one of my old passions which has retaken wings recently. The move from film to digital photography has indeed converted many nut cases into amateur, and sometimes even professional photographers. This however can become a hazard for married people ( read husbands )…especially when the photo-sessions start taking a bit more time than that spent with the equipment you officially tied the knot with. The more you shoot pics, the more the wife feels like shooting you (with a good gun, not a camera) and turning you into a great still image…in black and blue tones….
(Actually I never understood why she gets so worked up about this photography thing ….I mean once in a couple of months I take her pics also….incidentally bugs are one of my favourite subjects)
And when the camera slowly starts becoming the third person in the marriage, the wifey may start getting a bit more pro-active like mine did….and what better way to counter an irritating hobby of an generally irritating kind of husband than getting into an irritating counter -hobby yourself.
My wife apparently has become a bit too interested in cooking as a hobby recently .The ‘Masterchef’ series on TV providing a strong trigger to her culinary intents. So with the present distressing circumstances, the good lady took up her weapons and started frying, roasting and baking away to glory, whenever I was in proximity with my beloved cameras. The way things were going, some day I was sure that she wouldn’t mind deep frying one of my cameras too. Nadia our 4 year old would often be witness to her crazy parents fanatically indulging in their respective hobbies, scowling at each other (Nadia’s pretty much resigned to the ‘crazy’ part…the scowling was an refreshingly entertaining change for her!)
However another recent TV program on ‘Food photography’ might help us find a middle way. For those not in the know, simply put ‘Food photography’ involves arranging food and photographing them so that they look yummy (even if it actually tastes like ditch water). So now she cooks, and me clicks what she cooks…we’re both happy..Almost...Only problem of course is that after me clicks, me also eats……and unlike the hollywood cop movies where they keep yelling ‘You have the right to remain silent…”…I have ‘absolutely no such right ….I have to speak (Literally meaning I have to praise)…or at least smile.
“Suffering ennobles a person” Dr Christian Barnard (!!)
Disclaimer: All characters mentioned aboved are purely fictious …at least if my wife happens to chance upon this blog.


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loved this part " after me clicks, me also eats……"