Friday, June 5, 2009

Yes we can! (Nadia's diary -5)

There are some days which kinda change your life dramatically..something like waking up from a hypnotic spell on the cue of a finger snap.(Actually that snapping stuff  happens only in the movies I think).Anyway yesterday was one of THOSE days for me….the day I got my first Churidar!!!!(See attached pic) It goes without saying I looked uber-cool (kind of like that word whatever it means), but more importantly it made me realize that one of the essential rights of under-5s is the right to dress with dignity and style (not necessarily in that order).Think of it ,when it comes to dressing we are mute spectators to our overbearing mothers (crazy fathers sometime joining in this sadistic pursuit).How many a times have we been subjected to frilly yellows and garish pinks and been gawked at following this ceremony  with shrill choruses of ‘oh cho chweets’ and other such condescending ,primitive gibberish.Under 5s of the world unite….it’s time to rebel (Anytime is a good time to rebel at our age…but that is another matter)…you can’t pick your parents (though you should learn to pick ON them),but you can certainly pick your dresses!!and if you don’t like the  silly garbs your dumb parents foster upon you…throw,tear,crumple,destroy…use any constructive technique to drill   your viewpoint into their thick-heads.Remember violence is not just an option…when it comes to weirdo parents, it is the ONLY option!!!Rebel in style dress in style.As that Obama guy put it ‘YES WE CAN!!’

(nadia is my daughter - actual age 2 and half years,mental age - 2 and half years, attitude - somewhere around 18 years)

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