Sunday, March 1, 2009

delhi sick!!!

I’m not normally into movie reviews, but the degree of mental trauma I suffered on account of being a mute (more like shell-shocked into muteness) witness to this man-made disaster forced me to pen these words…..and like our good-for-nothing politicians repeatedly do, I condemn this act of terrorism in the name of entertainment and empathise deeply with the other affected idiots/suckers who fell for the promos. The movie does have some plus points I admit ….(I know ,I know …plus points duh?) ,Well Rahman’s music is cool (so go buy a pirated MP3), Sonam Kapoor is cute ( so go download pics of her and keep gawking if you have nothing better to do) and the few shots of the Taj Mahal look great (So go get a post card )……..but for heaven’s sake a movie attempting a sermon on the moral ineptitude of modern Indian society based on a ‘Kaala Bandar’ analogy!!!???I mean just switch on any news channels and you’ll find scores of ‘Bandars’ of all political hues and colors…why bother spending 150 bucks in these recession hit times?As for Abhishek Bacchan ….well all I can say he saved the best for the last ..maybe if he had donned the ‘Kaala Bandar’ outfit through out the movie it might at least have had a semblance of an attempt at comedy.Husband as 'Kala Bandar' and wife in the Pink Panther….the Bacchan family is sure turning into one colourful and exotic zoo !!!

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